This section provides guidelines for oral and poster presentations, and instructions for recording and uploading of the presentation. Please read through the instructions carefully. The deadline for uploading all presentation recordings (oral and poster) is May 12th.

Oral presentations

  • Presentation recordings should NOT exceed 10 minutes.
  • During your session, the session chair will play the recording, followed by a 5 min live Q&A.
  • The presenter needs to be present during the session to answer these questions.
  • Please make sure that your slides are readable and concise.
  • Your recording should be an .mp4 file
  • Name your file “WEON 2021_AbstractNumber_First_LastName ”

Poster presentations

  • Posters will consist of 3 readable slides in landscape orientation.
  • Pitches should NOT exceed 2 minutes.
  • Your recording should be an .mp4 file
  • Poster pitches will be uploaded to the virtual poster hall and will be on display throughout the conference.
  • Provide your contact details and social media link (optional) in your presentation, so that those interested in your research can reach out to you or start following you.
  • Name your file “WEON 2021_AbstractNumber_First_LastName ”

Instruction for recording and uploading

Click here for full instructions.

After you have followed these instructions carefully, performed a quality check of you recording, and saved the file to .mp4 format, the presentation recording can be uploaded to the link provided in the acceptance e-mail. You will receive a confirmation of your upload within 24 hours. The upload link will close after May 12th, 23:59h.